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We welcome user reviews for any of the games, tech or accessories featured on Retro Ages. However, like most things in life there are a few rules to follow to ensure everyone has a fun and welcoming place to visit.

Rules for writing a review

  • Be Original - All reviews must be your own work, and not those taken from other websites, magazines or other publications without express consent
  • Length - We recommend any reviews be a minimum of 400 words long - really get into what you love (or hate) during your review: Would you recommend it to a friend? What blew you away on your first experience?
  • Style and Grammar - While everyone has their own way of writing, we ask you try and keep your reviews easy to read and check your spelling and grammar before hitting submit. While we will try to correct some minor mistakes, we aren't perfect.
  • Keep it clean! - You must keep the use of foul language to a minimum - remember, children may be reading it! Any excessive foul language, hateful remarks aimed at individuals or developers, or tasteless remarks will not be accepted.
  • Final Scores - We ask that all scores given are out of 10, with 1 being terrible, 5 being okay and 10 being perfect. Remember a great game could be an 8/10 score, but if you think it's worth a perfect 10 then let readers know why in your review.
  • Self Promotion - We have no issue if you wish to drop a link to your website, blog, social media or youtube page. After all you're the one who took that time to write a kick-arse review. However, we will not accept any reviews with personal information such as your full name, email address, phone numbers, postal address or any other direct communication methods. This is more to protect you and prevent shady characters collecting information about you and cold-calling you with double glazing offers at 2AM.
  • Most Importantly - NO SPOILERS! People are often reading reviews to decide whether they should pick up a game, console or other piece of tech. If there's some cool surprise, or a shocking twist - don't be that guy who ruins it for everyone else. It's fine to hint at an emotional scene, or that fantastic ending, just don't be too specific.

While we have listed a lot of rules above, we are fickle creatures and may change them on a whim from time to time. We may also remove or edit reviews if they are no longer relevant - such as if a device preforms significantly different years after launch, or a game has patched issues that plagued it's day one release.

While not essential, reviews are easier to read when broken down into sections. Below is an example of how to structure a video game review which can be used or adapted to suit your own reviews:

Introduction - Talk about the game's history, development or even your own experience with previous entries in the series.
First Impressions - What were your first impressions? How does the game 'feel'? What stood out to your the most (good and bad).
Gameplay - Is the game fun to play? Does it control well? What are the mechanics that make it stand out amongst the crowd?
Presentation- This isn't just the game's graphics, but also includes the audio, menus and can even include the physical packaging of the item. If you're reviewing a retro title try and base the presentation on the hardware it was originally released on, so no negative criticism for a ZX spectrum game not running in 4K for example!
Longevity - While a longer game isn't always better, is there something that brings you back time and time again? Is it a fantastic multiplayer? Unlockable characters? A great party game? Do you feel it was good value for money, based on the length of enjoyment you recived?
The Final Verdict - This is what it all boils down to, the final verdict. Is the game worth buying? It's your score so let us know why you chose it. Remember 1 = terrible, 5 = mediocre and 10 = perfect.

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