Final Fantasy VII Remake – Teaser Trailer

Almost 4 years after announcing the remake of one of the original PlayStation's most celebrated title, Square Enix has released their latest Final Fantasy VII Remake teaser.

The trailer dropped during Sony's State of Play livestream, confirming that the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake is still coming along after a series of setbacks.  While there was no release date announced, to say that fans are eager to get their hands on the title is an understatement.

Originally revealed at E3 2015, fans have been patiently awaiting the remake of one of the most celebrated titles of the 1990s.  The game's developer admitted that announcing the title so early in development was a mistake, especially with delays in production and moving the development in-house pushing the title's release further back than anticipated.

However, for Final Fantasy VII fans looking for a remake, this wasn't even the first time Square Enix had gotten their hopes up as back in 2006, during the reveal of the then-upcoming PlayStation 3, Square Enix showed a technical demo featuring the opening scenes from the Final Fantasy VII rendered in real-time on PlayStation 3 hardware.

While Square Enix did state that the purpose of the demo was a fun way to show the power of the then new console, and was never intended to be a full remake.  This left fans disappointed, and for years rumours of a full remake would continue to make their rounds across the internet.

The original Final Fantasy VII has recently been released on current generation consoles, so those looking to jump into the 1997 classic have more options than ever.

Thankfully, the teaser trailer does announce more details will be coming in June, which nicely coincides with E3 2019.  Who knows, perhaps we will even get a release date?

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