What Games Would You Like to See on Sega’s Astro City Mini Arcade?

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    Barry Pearson

    With Sega’s upcoming Astro City Mini-Arcade being announced, I’m wondering what games would you like to see on the system? Currently Sega have confirmed 10 of the 36 titles:

    Alien Syndrome
    Alien Storm
    Altered Beast
    Columns II
    Dark Edge
    Golden Axe
    Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder
    Virtua Fighter
    Fantasy Zone

    The Astro Mini Arcade

    The obvious standout titles are Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder and Virtua Fighter. These titles run on Sega’s System 32 and Model 1 arcade boards respectively.

    Both of these boards were home to some fantastic titles which could make an appearance on the Astro City Mini. Leave your predictions – as well as your dream titles – below, we’d love to hear them.

    Barry Pearson

    Since I want your ideas, I thought I would start with mine.

    For my suggestions I would imagine the following titles are ‘no-brainers’:

    Space Harrier
    Afterburner (or perhaps G-Loc)
    Rad Mobile
    Virtua Racing

    I’m not sure how they’d accomplish these titles with the joystick and six-button setup they have, but they’re seen as being iconic Sega arcade titles and I would find it odd for them to be omitted. As for games I would like to see on the mini-console:

    Last Bronx
    Dead or Alive
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (That six-button layout is screaming for a Street Fighter game!)
    SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog (The game would have to be reworked to using a joystick instead of the original trackball)
    Radiant Silvergun

    While I don’t believe any of the titles above will actually be included in the final unit, I can certainly hope.

    Phil Barrow

    The games i would really like to play again you just can’t on a mini arcade like that, light gun games like Lethal Enforcers, time crisis, house of the dead an that. Sadly we don’t see them anymore because of them not working on modern screens

    Barry Pearson

    Even if they did work, and there’s some work on making light guns run on modern TVs, would you really want to play them on a tiny screen?

    IF they did manage to get light guns working, I don’t think that’s the best selection to put on there (other than House of the Dead). Time Crisis would require a pedal to play, and Lethal Enforcers is really not a great light gun game. A much better selection would be Virtua Cop and Gun Blade NY. Both on variants of Sega’s own Model 2 arcade boards.


    Personally I’d like to see Crazy Taxi, Wonderboy, Shinobi and Daytona.

    If they managed to find the way to make a lightgun compatible, then ofcourse I would also want Virtua Cop 1&2 and House of the Dead.

    Barry Pearson

    Wonderboy should be a given, along with either Shinobi or Shadow Dancer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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