Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Review

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are the main titles in the fourth generation of the enormously popular Pokemon RPG franchise, originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2008. Like the previous generations of Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl takes players on a colorful and imaginative adventure through a fantasy world as they attempt to become the world’s best Pokemon trainer! Set in the rural and snow-covered Sinnoh region, you’ll embark on a journey to defeat the eight Pokemon Gym Leaders while catching and leveling-up a plethora of unique Pokemon monsters. With a great list of new features, evocative and fun 3D graphics, and a lengthy list of awesome Pokemon to discover, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl offers dozens of hours of addictive turn-based fun.

The Differences Between Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Background

Despite being the fourth major series in the overall Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are still incredibly welcoming to new players, making them great games for newcomers to the RPG genre. Both games are incredibly similar, with only a few major differences to speak of. The most notable differences are the included Pokemon you can catch, with both games containing a few exclusive Pokemon. 

For example, if you want to catch the stylish bladed bug Scyther or the smelly but effective Stunky, you’ll have to play Pokemon Diamond. Conversely, classic Pokemon like Slowpoke and the cute but fierce Houndour can only be captured in Pokemon Pearl. As always, both games have an exclusive “legendary” Pokemon to discover, which can only be caught with patience and practice. In Pokemon Diamond, you’re able to catch the Steel Dragon Dialga. Pokemon Pearl players can try their hand at catching the Water Dragon Palkia. Both Pokemon are super powerful and well worth the effort.

Your Life as a Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Screen Shot

As is customary in Pokemon games, you’ll start your adventure as a bold and brave youngster living in a quaint hometown. Located in the Sinnoh region, everyone is obsessed with capturing and training Pokemon, wild and often cute creatures that roam the island. With your best pal Barry at your side, you head to a nearby lake to investigate rumors of a mysterious Pokemon. Although you are unsuccessful at locating the mythological Pokemon, things quickly become hectic when a wild Pokemon starts to attack your party. Using a nearby briefcase dropped by the Pokemon-studying Professor Rowan, you’ll have the option of choosing one out of three starter Pokemon to begin your adventure.

As always, Pokemon are categorized by their elemental type, offering different approaches for the battles to come. Fans of nature and grass can pick the adorable Turtwig, while those who prefer a hotter strategy can choose the blazing Chimchar. My personal preference (and always a safe bet) is the absolutely adorable yet convincingly destructive Piplup, a penguin with water-type powers. Regardless of your decision, this marks the start of your Pokemon adventure, sending you across Sinnoh to fight in fierce Pokemon battles against anyone who crosses your path. As you battle, you’ll be able to recruit new Pokemon to your team while strengthening your existing party. Every Pokemon has a unique set of moves along with its inherent elemental strengths and weaknesses, so it’s a good idea to experiment with your team. With over 150 unique Pokemon to discover and catch, there are tons of different strategies to utilize.

Generally speaking, both the combat and the exploration mechanics in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are exceptionally easy-to-learn and enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned RPG veteran or just jumping in for the first time, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl give players an evocative, jovial, and rewarding gameplay experience. It's a blast to travel across Sinnoh, battling wild Pokemon and empowering your party to take on the eight main Pokemon Gym Leaders. You'll meet tons of wacky characters, take on daunting challenges, and make some heartwarming memories along the way. In addition to the stylish new graphics, there are a handful of new mini-games to enjoy, offering a few extra hours of simple fun. The majority of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's adventure is a wild ride of classic Pokemon gameplay, complete with addictive turn-based battling and silly moments. For both existing fans and franchise newbies, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is an excellent entry in this larger-than-life series.

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