Three dads, one great retro gaming podcast.

Join Barry, Phil and Anthony in the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast, as we bring you a byte-sized recap of everything that’s happening in the retro gaming community.

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Episode 96 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 96 – Bad News for Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition Dreams

In episode 96 Barry and Anthony talk about what could be the first true Steam Deck competitor – the Asus ROG Ally. We also give our thoughts on the upcoming Jurassic Park collection teased by Li...

Episode 92 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 92: Microsoft’s Merger May Get Approval from UK’s CMA, Plus the Latest Tears of the Kingdom Updates

In episode 92 we take a look at the UK's CMA's change of heart around the Microsoft Activision acquisition. Plus some new Zelda news.

Episode 91 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 91: Happy Birthday Steam Deck, and So Long Wii U eShop

In episode 91 we celebrate 1 year of the Steam Deck and say goodbye to the Wii U and 3DS eShop.

Episode 90 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 90: Mario LEGO Sets and New Streaming Deals

In episode 90 of the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast, we celebrate Mar10 Day by taking a look at new Mario LEGO builds and talk Xbox’s Cloud Plans.

Retro Gaming Dads Episode 89 Thumbnail

Episode 89: Mar10 Day and Great News for Metroid Fans

In episode 89 we dedicate the entire episode to Nintendo, including announcements for Mar10 Day and a surprise Metroid release.

Episode 85 Thumbnail

Episode 85: Nintendo Direct

In episode 85 we take a look at over 30 titles shown off at the latest Nintendo Direct. From retro inspired to modern remasters, we jump in.

Episode 84 Thumbnail

Episode 84: GoldenEye Faces Criticism and More Xbox Price Increases

In episode 84 of the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast we talk about the criticism around GoldenEye's release and more Xbox price increases.

Episode 82 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 82: Microsoft Layoffs and Stadia Shuts Down for Good

In episode 82 we talk about an unlikely cross-over for Power Wash Simulator. Microsoft cuts 10,000 jobs and Stadia closes it's doors for good.

Episode 81 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 81: New Atari Hardware and Is the Midnight Launch a Thing of the Past?

In episode 81 we ask whether the midnight launch is dead. Plus we take a look at a trio of new Atari branded devices from My Arcade.

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