The Perfection – The Darkness…

A corporation is planning a conspiracy against mankind. A single woman dares to face the threat. That Woman is Joanna Dark!

  • More than 40 new futuristic weapons
  • 2-4 Player simultaneous Deathmatch Mode

Latest News

Retro Gaming Dads Podcast - Episode 70

Episode 70: Pricey Controllers and is Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition in Trouble?

In episode 70 we talk about the latest high-end controllers from both Microsoft and Sony, as well as the new Razer streaming handheld.

Episode 34

Episode 34: Halo Infinite Technical Preview and Perfect Dark | Retro Game Club

Episode 34 - We talk about the Halo Infinite preview and finally talk about our experiences playing the N64 classic; Perfect Dark.

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