Four New Mega Drive Titles Added To Switch Online Expansion Pass

Switch Online Mega Drive Games

Sega Mega Drive and Genesis fans can look forward to four new titles heading to Nintendo’s Switch Online Expansion Pack.

These latest additions include the infamous side-scrolling shooter Zero Wing, classic platformer Mega Mega: The Wily Wars, adventure brawler Comix Zone and mech shooter Target Earth.

Zero Wing

Cats, the leader of a band of swashbuckling space pirates, is terrorising the galaxy. You must pilot the only remaining Milky Way attack craft into combat and stop Cats and his buccaneers!

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

In the last few years, a titanic struggle for control of the planet has raged.  Each time it has pitted Mega Man, a cybernetic champion of justice against the villainous Dr. Wily and his renegade robots.

Comix Zone

Enter the Comix Zone… the first truly interactive comic book! Strange events have left Sketch trapped in the pages of his post-apocalyptic comic book, and the drawing pen is in the hands of his most evil creation yet: Mortus.

Target Earth

Enemy Chron cyborgs are attacking Earth and its space bases with lightning fury. Everyone you know and love is about to be captured and turned into cyborgs by Chron… unless you come to Earth’s defence.

These titles are available exclusively for members with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and that have upgraded to the premium Expansion Pass.

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