Mega Drive Mini 2

Episode 57 - Retro Gaming Dads

Episode 57: Simon the Sorcerer Returns, Evercade Levels Up and Sega Announces New Hardware

In episode 57 we take a look a the first wave of original PlayStation titles heading to Sony's PS Plus service as well as new retro hardware.

Episode 60 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 60: SEGA Genesis Mini 2 Heads to the US and the Monkey Island Blog Shuts Down

In episode 60 we talk about Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert's decision to end his devblog and Sega announces the Genesis Mini 2.

Retro Gaming Dads Podcast - Episode 62

Episode 62: Gamescom, Genesis Mini 2 Supply Woes and Super Punch-Out Secret Discovered

In episode 62 we take a look at Gamescom. Could Sega have supply issues with the Genesis Mini 2? and a Super Punch-Out secret is uncovered.

Retro Gaming Dads Podcast - Episode 63

Episode 63: Sega Genesis Mini 2 Full Games List

In episode 63 Phil and Barry go through the final list of all Mega Drive Mini 2 titles, how many did we successfully predict?

Episode 65 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 65: Is The Gamecube Coming to the Switch? Plus Mega Drive Mini 2 Comes to Europe

In episode 65 is the Gamecube coming to the Switch, and has Microsoft run afoul of the UK's Competition and Markets Authority?

Retro Gaming Dads Podcast - Episode 79

Episode 79: 2022 Retro Review

In episode 79 we take a look back at 2022 to talk about the highs, and the lows, of the year past. Thank you to all our listeners in 2022!

Sega Genesis Mini 2

The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 Heads To North America

After announcing the upcoming Genesis Mini 2 console, we take a look at the 23 initial titles confirmed to be coming to the console.

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