[Guide] Dragon Force Troops Type

Dragon Force’s generals are by far the strongest units in the game. However, a general on his own will have difficulty storming a castle. This is where your trusty troops come in.

Dragon Force gives you access to 10 unit types:

  • Soldiers [Ground – Melee]
  • Cavalry [Ground – Melee]
  • Mage [Ground – Range]
  • Samurai [Ground – Melee]
  • Archer [Ground – Range]
  • Monk [Ground – Melee]
  • Harpy [Air – Melee]
  • Beast [Ground – Melee]
  • Dragon [Air – Melee]
  • Zombie [Ground – Melee]

Each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and often winning or losing a battle can come down fielding the right troop types against your enemy. The matrix below gives you an overview of which units are strong and weak against each other.

The unit matrix is assuming that both unit types are identical in unit size, terrain effects, and general stats.

Dragon Force Troop Type Matrix.

It is worth noting that the Mage and Archer units are not necessarily weak against most units, although when in close combat they certainly are at a disadvantage. However, they are the only units that can safely attack the enemy general without risk of being countered.

Unit Mixes in Armies

You can deploy armies to storm enemy castles and attack an opposing army before they reach your castles. Each army can be made up of up to five commanders, and since each commander can only have one type of unit in under their command, it’s always a great idea to have a mixture of unit types.

If you’re not sure what you will be facing – don’t forget you can view their enemy generals and see what units they are currently using – a good balanced selection is as follows:

  1. Samurai – Taking Samurai gives you a balanced troop that can hold their own against most ground units. They also have an advantage over soldiers as they are strong against Dragons.
    An alternative to Samurai is the Soldier.
  2. Cavalry – The Cavalry is essential to countering ground units. Their advantage against Soldiers and Samurai cannot be understated. Be careful when fighting Monks and Beasts, as it’s easy to overlook that these ground units are strong against Cavalry!
  3. Mages – Mages are great for use against smaller armies. If you are against 20 or fewer melee units, then a good Mage troop can often take them out before they have a chance to reach your own forces.
    Once you’ve taken out the enemy general’s troops, use the standby command to have your Mages safely hang back and attack using their ranged attacks.
  4. Monks – It’s really easy to overlook the usefulness of the Monks. Their strength against enemy Cavalry will keep your ground units alive. They’re also one of the few units that are strong against the Zombie types.
    You can also take Zombies and Beasts as alternatives to the Monks
  5. Dragons – Dragons are by far the single best troop type in Dragon Force. With their only weakness being to the Samurai.
    Until you unlock the Dragons you can also take another set of either Samurai or Soldiers.

While this is not the only unit setup you can use in Dragon Force it’s a balanced set of troops that can hold their own against invading armies, and even assaults by the Skull Children.

However, it’s always best to check out the incoming armies, or enemy castles you’re looking to storm, before starting a battle. By doing this in advance you can ensure you have the best selection of units to maximise your chances of victory.

I hope that this brief introduction to unit types helps you get a good understanding of how to win battles in Dragon Force. If you found this information useful then please hit that upvote button, and leave your favourite troop combinations in the messages below!

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  1. What unit is the best? Don’t you just take mage ad shoot from a distance to win. Carnt they just kill the melee units from distance?

    • The single best unit is the Dragon. However, they’re fairly uncommon as you need a general who can control them or to find an item (Dragon Crest I think) when searching your castles between months. They will get wrecked against Samurai though, so it’s never a good idea to only have one type of unit in your army.
      Mages can attack from range but are at a disadvantage to almost every melee unit in the game due to their low accuracy and slow attack rate.

  2. Just wanna say that this is very beneficial, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    • No problem. I hope it helped you to enjoy Dragon Force even more.

  3. Major thankies for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

  4. Thanks, this has made the game so much easier now! Will try a run though without the Dragons though!

    • Abusing the Dragon’s lack of weakness can make the game less enjoyable. I often limit myself to one Dragon squad per group and find them a great asset without making the game too trivial.


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