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Updated with new information for building a Mag for the new Luster class.

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With the new release of Phantasy Star online 2 I have noticed a lot of people asking about Mags, particularly how to raise the stats them. So I’ve put together this brief mag levelling guide.

Now there is plenty of guides out there from the JP version, though a lot of them are really outdated and quite a bit has changed since then.

So, let us get down to it.

Overall you want 200 in your attack stat, there are Melee Attack (M-Attk), Ranged Attack (R-Attk), Tech Attack (T-Attk) or Dex, which stat you want will depend on your Main class, and your subclass to a degree.

If your subclass will be Braver, Bouncer or the Phantom class once/if it comes out, see the part of the guide for them.

Melee Classes – Hunter and Fighter (Hu or Fi)

So, these 2 are simple, M-Attk to 200 is what you want. To get this you want to feed your mag Melee weapons, the higher the star the better up to 9★, until Dex is about to be levelled up at this point feed them either Monomates or 4★ Furniture. In general, Furniture is faster as it lowers Dex more than mates will.

Ranged Classes – Ranger and Gunner (Ra or Gu)

These guys want R-Attk to 200. To get this you want to feed your mag Ranged weapons, the higher the star the better up to 9★, until Dex is about to be levelled up at this point feed them either Dimates or 5★ Furniture.

Tech Classes – Force and Techer (Fo or Te)

If you are going Te/Hu melee Wand, build for M-Attk

You may have noticed a theme by now, as for our Tech users we want T-Attk to 200. To get this you want to feed your mag Tech weapons, the higher the star the better up to 9★, until Dex is about to be levelled up at this point feed them either Trimates or 6★ Furniture.

Hybrid Classes – Braver and Bouncer (Br or Bo)

These guys have a special skill called <Class> Mag, this convers every level of Dex into a point of either M-Attk and R-Attk for the Braver, or M-Attk and T-Attk for the Bouncer, this works if it either you main or subclass, and they stack if you are a Bo/Br or Br/Bo! So, while you can build based on your main weapon, I would highly recommend Dex if you plan to have either of these classes as a Main or Subclass.

Levelling Dex is incredibly easy, just feed that mag Discs, Photon art or Techniques, it doesn’t matter which.

The hero classes – Hero, Phantom, Etoile and Luster

Hero, Etoile and Luster have a skill called that converts the total of all your Attack stats and makes them all the same. So, if you have 200 M-Attk it would give 200 R-Attk and 200 T-Attk too, if you had 100 in T-Attk and 100 in M-Attk, all 3 would become 200. Hero cannot be or have a Subclass. The Etoile cannot have a subclass, though it can be a subclass, as your subclass it will have the same effect as your main class.

Luster Mag Skills

The Phantom, much like the Br and Bo has a skill that turns each point of Dex into a point of M-Attk, R-Attk and T-Attk. Now unlike the Hero, while it cannot have a subclass, it can be a subclass, and the mag skill stacks with Br/Bo. With the Phantom having access to Techs, it makes it an exceptionally good all-round subclass, especially with it giving a bonus increase to damage based of your Max PP. This has made Dex mags extremely popular in the JP servers too.

Finally, Summoner.

These guys are a little odd in that the Mag stat affects your pet so it will depend on your intended play style. I would personally recommend T-Attk unless you have your subclass as either Bouncer or Phantom, in which case you want Dex.

Aready levelled your mag up and have some of the wrong stat.

Not to worry, you can trade 5 Ex-Cubes for an item that reduces a mag level by one, you choose the stat to reduce too. These are from the Ex-Cube vendor found on the upper floor of the shopping district.

I hope that you’ve found this mag levelling guide useful, if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments section. If I get enough suggestions I may incorporate them into a future mag levelling guide.

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  1. Fantastic, there’s nothing like having a nicely balanced MAG with all your levels on a single stat! ?

  2. Where do I get a mag?? ive done the quest but I carnt see them in the shops. love the website btw.

    • if youve done the quest you already have it
      you need to equip it in the first option when you hit esc(the bag) and go to mags and click the one available and select equip

      • found it it thanks. How do I do the magic attacks with it?

    • Once you hit level 10 Koffee gives you a quite to get your first mag, it is really straight forward, not to worry

  3. How do I find more mags?

    • You can get one mag per character that you create, you can also purchase a new mag with Arks Cash – the game’s ‘real money’ currency. Be aware that mags cannot be transferred between characters, so if you purchase a new mag make sure you do so with the character you want to have that mag.

  4. Does anyone know where I can get the different photon blasts from?

    • Hi Tom, the Ex Cube shop sells them for 5 Ex Cubes each, same place you get the level reduction item, screenshots are towards the end of the guide

  5. Thank you. Will you be making a new guides for the new PSO2 New Genesis please?

    • Certainly, need to see how they work too! We also look to get a new “region mag” too, this looks to give boosts to everyone in the area

  6. Nice and simple to follow. Looking forward to see if this will help out with New Genesis when that comes out. Or do you think they’ll change how the mags work in it?

    • Thank you, not sure as yet, they have changed how quite a few things have changed, so good chance they will change too. Have to see what they do with them first.


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