Evercade Introduces the Evercade EXP With Support For Vertical TATE Mode

Evercade EXP

At their second anniversary show, Blaze Entertainment unveiled the newest entry to their Evercade lineup. The Evercade EXP.

The new Evercade EXP (pronounced as EE-EX-PEE). Is a new retro gaming handheld that uses physical cartridges, and will be replacing the outgoing Evercade as the companies handheld offering. The EXP will include a dedicated TATE mode for vertically orientated arcade titles, complete with rotated A and B face buttons. As well as many other improvements over the outgoing Evercade handheld.

As well as the new TATE mode, the EXP also has a new modern design, built in WiFi, improved video out and a high resolution 4.3″ IPS display. It will also be compatible with all existing Evercade cartridges giving you access to 30 cartridges containing over 300 titles at launch.

Those who are interested in picking one up will need to wait a little longer. The console is expected to go on sale later this year, with pre-orders available in September. The handheld will retail for £129.99 ($149.99/€149.99) and will come bundled with the upcoming IREM Arcade 1 cartridge. This cartridge will contain 6 classic IREM titles including the classics R-Type and Moon Patrol.

For those looking for something a little bit more exclusive, Evercade has partnered with UK retailer Funstock to sell a limited edition version of the EXP. This exclusive black edition is limited to only 5,000 units and will come with a host of extras including an additional Toaplan Arcade 1 cartridge, posters, keyring and hard case. This edition will be retail for £179.99 and is already almost sold out at the time of writing.

Blaze will unveil bonus content for the handheld this September. Although no further information as to what this content could include be was offered during the show.

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