Pyra and Mythra Join Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Pyra and Mythra, two of the central characters from the Switch role playing game Xenoblade Chronicles 2, are the latest addition to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate lineup.

Announced at this evening’s Nintendo Direct. Pyra and Mythra will be coming to the popular Switch brawler as part of the title’s second Fighter Pass. These two fighters will mark the second and third playable fighters from the Xenoblade games, following on from series favourite Shulk.

Pyra blazes into action

Fans will likely be worried about the inclusion of yet another sword user joining Ultimate’s roster. However, Pyra/Mythra have a unique twist up their sleeves. The ability to tag in and out at will during a battle.

Mythra awkens to fight

Fighting as each character will influence your fighting style. Where as the hot-headed Pyra unleashes explosive and powerful attacks. The more calm and collected Mythra will grant the player increased agility. To take advantage of this due, players will need to learn when to switch.

Long-time fans of the Smash Bros series will recognise this set up as how Zelda and Shiek worked in earlier entries.

Other Xenoblade Chronicles 2 fan favourites will also make an appearance. Including title protagonist Rex, who will lend a hand to help either Pyra or Mythra pull off their devastating Smash moves.

Rex and Pyra - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There will of course be a new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 stage, that appears to have fighters battling it out amongst the clouds on the back of ‘gramps’. You’ll even get spurred on by some of your fellow party members cheering you on from the side-lines!

You’ll be able to join the fight as Pyra and Mythra when they’re available in March 2021.

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  1. I’m actually excited to play as Pyra and Mythra. I just wish that I had my original Switch and not the Switch Lite so I can play on the big screen.


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