Nintendo Reveal the New Switch OLED Model

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model the Switch Pro we’ve been waiting for?

The short answer? No.

Rumours of an upgraded Nintendo Switch have been circulating the internet since before the Switch was even on store shelves. Recently speculation has increased, with hints of a new console even being found in the recent Switch firmware. This led many to believe Nintendo would announce a new member to the Switch family of consoles ahead of E3. We’ve even discussed many of these on the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast.

However, E3 2021 came and went without Nintendo announcing any new Switch hardware. Then today, in typical Nintendo style, they announced the new Switch on their Youtube channel and website with barely any fanfare. Although looking at the changes made between this and the current Switch console, perhaps it doesn’t warrant any excitement.

The new larger 7″ OLED screen still inhabits the same sized body as the original Nintendo Switch.

While the OLED Model does have some improvements over the existing Switch, each change is very minor. Take a look at the comparison below and let us know if you think the new OLED model is worthwhile.




Battery Life




6.2″ LCD Display
1280 x 720

Pair of Joy-Cons

32GB Internal Storage
Expandable with microSD cards

4.5 – 9 hours

2x USB and HDMI

Single position mini-kickstand
Stereo sound
297g weight (tablet only)
102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm

£279.99 (RRP)

7.0″ OLED Display
1280 x 720

Pair of Joy-Cons

64GB Internal Storage
Expandable with microSD cards

4.5 – 9 hours

1x USB, 1x LAN and HDMI

Full-sized variable kickstand
Improved audio
320g (tablet only)
102mm x 242mm x 13.9mm

£309.99 (RRP)

So what do you think of the new Switch revision? Is it enough to get non-Switch owners to jump onboard, or will it be enough for previous Switch owners to upgrade? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Being a non switch owner and the fact I love the clean fresh new white colour I would definitely buy this over the previous model. Again purely going on aesthetics though ?

  2. Are the improvements of this new console enough to make you want to go out and purchase a new Switch (or upgrade if you don’t already have one)?


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