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Are you enjoying the podcast and would like to support future episodes? Fantastic!

The Retro Gaming Dads Podcast will always remain completely free to listen to. However, creating the podcast each week does come with modest financial and (not so modest) time costs. That is why we would like to ask for your support.

While no-one likes to ask for financial support, if you wish to you can help out the podcast in a variety of ways.

Patreon allows you to support the podcast on a monthly basis.

Tiers start at only £2.50 per month.

This will allow you to listen to podcast episodes up to 2 days early, as well as ad-free episodes*.

Your name will also live on forever in the Retro Ages High Score table!

PayPal allows you to make a one-off donation towards the running of the podcast.

Want to buy us a cup of coffee? Then drop us a few pounds, dollars, euros… any currency is welcome.

Your name will also live on forever in the Retro Ages High Score table!

Like to use Amazon?

Then you can support the podcast while buying the things you love by using our affiliate links.

You will see these included in our podcast notes, or you can bookmark the link below.

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Other Ways To Support Us

You don’t have to spend a penny to support the podcast. Simply sharing the podcast with like-minded friends and leave us a review on your favourite podcast clients such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. We would be extremely grateful as this helps the podcast reach more listeners.

* All Patreon episodes will be ad-free but may include sponsored reviews, previews and user suggested content. All sponsored content will be clearly identified in the episode before such content.

Questions and Answers

Q: What will any donations received be used for?
A: All donations will go right back into the running of the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast and Retro Ages website. Donations will be used in the following ways:

  • Buying equipment to improve the overall quality of the podcast. This may include the purchase of dedicated microphones, mounts, storage and a dedicated computer for editing the podcast. Currently, we record the podcast using various headsets and microphones, and the whole podcast is edited and created using a 2018 iPad Pro.
  • Hosting fees and domain names. One inescapable cost of having an online presence is hosting fees. Currently, our hosting fees are approximately £10 per month, with £30 per year domain name renewal fees. Currently, this is paid for by just one member of the team, out of their own pocket.
  • Once these costs are covered we would look at using additional funds to advertise the podcast, pay for the occasional audio editor and other improvements to the visual and audio quality of the podcast.
  • Finally, any funds remaining past this point would be used to purchase titles for review, run giveaways and other activities that could improve the overall quality of the podcast, but are not essential for its continued running.

Q: Do I need to pay to listen to the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast?
A: Nope. Not at all. The podcast is, and always will remain, free. If you do choose support the podcast through Patreon you will also receive bonus episodes as well as listening to episodes up to two (2) days early and ad-free*.

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