Episode 88 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 88: Pokémon Presents and Microsoft Dealings

In episode 88 we have a new Pokémon Direct, the potential revival of some classic SEGA titles and PolyMega unveil new hardware.

Episode 87 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 87: A New Week, A New Switch Successor Rumour

In episode 87 Barry and Anthony talk about the upcoming Tetris Movie, and has the CMA let the goomba out of the bag with a Switch successor?

Episode 86 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 86: Is Game Pass BAD News For Games?

In episode 86 of the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast Barry and Anthony explore whether or not Game Pass is actually bad for game developers?

Episode 85 Thumbnail

Episode 85: Nintendo Direct

In episode 85 we take a look at over 30 titles shown off at the latest Nintendo Direct. From retro inspired to modern remasters, we jump in.

Episode 84 Thumbnail

Episode 84: GoldenEye Faces Criticism and More Xbox Price Increases

In episode 84 of the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast we talk about the criticism around GoldenEye's release and more Xbox price increases.

Episode 82 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 82: Microsoft Layoffs and Stadia Shuts Down for Good

In episode 82 we talk about an unlikely cross-over for Power Wash Simulator. Microsoft cuts 10,000 jobs and Stadia closes it's doors for good.

Episode 80 Thumbnail

Episode 80: New Atari Hardware and Sony at CES 2023

In episode 80 we take a look at Sony's recent announcements at this year's CES and the tease of new Atari hardware.

Retro Gaming Dads Podcast - Episode 79

Episode 79: 2022 Retro Review

In episode 79 we take a look back at 2022 to talk about the highs, and the lows, of the year past. Thank you to all our listeners in 2022!

Episode 78 Thumbnail

Episode 78: Christmas Retro Quiz – Featuring Phil

In episode 78 we have the whole gang back for a bit of fun with our Retro Quiz. Plus our very first video podcast episode.

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