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Episode 5: The Future of Stadia, Possible Republic Commando Remaster and GoldenEye Leak

Episode 5 is here as we discuss the future of Google’s Stadia, the possibility of a Republic Commando remaster, a sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and the recent Goldeneye Xbox Live Arcade leak.

Episode 68 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 68: The End of Google’s Cloud Gaming Dream

In episode 68 of the Retro Gaming Dads Podcast we ask if this is the end of the line for Stadia and Google's cloud gaming dream.

Episode 82 - Retro Gaming Dads Podcast

Episode 82: Microsoft Layoffs and Stadia Shuts Down for Good

In episode 82 we talk about an unlikely cross-over for Power Wash Simulator. Microsoft cuts 10,000 jobs and Stadia closes it's doors for good.

Goodbye Stadia, Google Shutters Cloud Service After Only 3 Years

After less than three years since its launch, it has been announced that Stadia will end service on 18th January 2023.

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