Xbox x 8Bitdo Android Controller Announced

Gaming accessory manufacturer, 8bitdo, announced its officially licensed Xbox x 8bitdo controller. Just in time for the release of Microsoft’s xCloud.

With Microsoft’s xCloud looming on the horizon, it’s about time you thought about how you’re going to play your games while on the move. For Android phone users, there is now a new option. The Xbox x 8Bitdo controller by 8Bitdo.

The new controller takes the form of its popular SN30 Pro controller, adding the Xbox Guide button, as well as the forgettable ‘menu’ and ‘view’ buttons. They’ve even re-arranged the face buttons to match that of the Xbox One’s.

Overall this pocket-sized controller packs in every button you’ll need to play your favourite Xbox titles while on the move. Unfortunately, the controller is not compatible with the Xbox One console, only Android mobile phones and tablets.

Xbox x 8Bitdo controller with tablet

The controller even comes with a mounting clip. This accessory allows you to mount your mobile phone to the top of the controller. From personal experience using something similar to an official Xbox controller, these can be a great way to jump into the action and dip into a game. However, for longer sessions, the added weight of the controller can become uncomfortable on the wrists.

Exactly how this fares on the smaller SN30 Pro controller is yet to be seen.

Currently, the controller is due to launch this September for US$45 (~£35/€40) in the United States and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. A release date for the rest of the world has yet to be confirmed.

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