Guardian Heroes Comes To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Guardian Heroes - Title Screen (Xbox)

Announced on Twitter by the infamous Larry Hryb, Guardian Heroes is coming to Xbox One.

Fans of Treasure’s fantasy role-playing brawler, Guardian Heroes, rejoice! The classic title has come to Xbox One by way of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program.

Guardian Heroes - Screen Shot

For those not familiar with Guardian Heroes, the title is a 2D brawler with some role-playing elements, taking control of one of four adventurers.

The story picks up with a band of heroes discussing their new treasure. A powerful sword. Suddenly they’re attacked by the Royal Guards. From this moment you will guide the direction your adventure takes you. Making choices on where to go and how to tackle obstacles blocking your path.

Guardian Heroes - Screen Shot

The campaign mode doesn’t entice you? Then Guardian Heroes includes one of the most over-the-top versus modes you’ll likely see in a game… Ever.

While most versus fighters are contempt with 1v1, or perhaps 2v2, Guardian Heroes allows up to 12 fighters duke it out. With over 40 players – ranging from a ninja rabbit, mechs, soldiers and actual gods.

Guardian Heroes - Screen Shot

Guardian Heroes allows you to play across both your Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As a result, progress is also carried across between generations.

Guardian Heroes is available from the Xbox Game Store right now and is certainly worth the price of admission.

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