Streets of Rage 4 Brings Beat ‘Em Ups Back

The Streets of Rage franchise was one of the premier beat ’em up game series back in the 90s, winning over most Sega Genesis owners with its hard-hitting combat and catchy music. Now, over 25 years after the release of the last title in the series, a handful of indie developers have crafted a stunning sequel in the form of Streets of Rage 4. The game received hefty critical acclaim when it released on April 30th, becoming widely available on most gaming platforms. Whether you’re a franchise newcomer eager to beat down some bad guys or you’re a gamer who great up with Streets of Rage in the 90s, Streets of Rage 4 provides an entertaining experience that’s equal parts retro and modern.

Streets of Rage 4 Brings Beat ‘Em Ups Back

The story is pretty simple. After a decade of peace, a new criminal empire has begun to take hold of the city, and it’s your job to stop it. Playing as one of four characters, you’ll punch and kick your way through twelve stages of enemies, picking up weapons and racking up points along the way.

Streets of Rage 4 Title Screen with mode selection.

There are five different modes to try out, including a Story, Arcade, Boss Rush, and a competitive Battle mode. Five difficulty settings make it easy for players of all skill levels to enjoy the mayhem, complete with a fun ranking system that judges your performance at the end of each stage.

There have been a few modern beat 'em up games that have found success, namely Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game, and River City Girls. That said, Streets of Rage 4 provides a sense of nostalgia that these other games occasionally lack, thanks to awesome retro unlockables and a classic gameplay structure. By mixing together an easy-to-learn, exciting combat system with a plethora of cool unlockable content, Streets of Rage 4 is well worth multiple playthroughs.

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