Two Natsume Game Boy Games Get a Re-release

Limited Run Games - Amazing Penguin and Spanky's Adventure

In what appears to be a reoccurring trend, the Game Boy is getting another re-run of some of it’s older games thanks to Limited Run Games.

These re-releases will be available thanks to the guys at Limited Run Games. The two Game Boy titles getting the re-release treatment are Natsume’s Spanky’s Adventure and Amazing Penguin – originally released in 1990 and 1991 respectively.

Pre-orders for the titles have gone live today, and will close on the 4th April 2021. Each title will set you back $34.99 (around £25) and will come with a cartridge and Game Boy box.

Spanky's Quest - Limited Run

Spanky’s Quest sees you take on the role of the titular Spanky as you climb multiple towers, each filled with increasing threats and challenges.

Monkey business ensues as you take on the role of a playful primate in this action-packed romp through all sorts of madcap zaniness. As Spanky the Monkey, you’ll find yourself climbing tower after tower each packed with new threats and enemies.

Amazing Penguin - Limited Run Games

Amazing Penguin follows Prince Pendrich as he fights through stage after stage of puzzling action.

The hunt is on in this exciting action-maze game! Join Pendrich, the Prince of the Penguins as he battles the enchanted armies of Borbon the Great.

Attack with mighty kicks that blast the enemies across the screen. Clear the panels of each land to progress to the next level. It takes timing and strategy to win back the land from Borbon’s invaders!

Those who wish to pick up either title should pre-order before the 4th April from Limited Run Games.

Will you be picking up either title? Do you think re-releasing titles for older consoles is good for retro gaming as a whole? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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