Valve Announce Steam Deck, a £349 PC-Based Switch Alternative

Today Valve has unveiled its powerful handheld gaming system, the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck and Case

Due for release this Christmas, the Steam Deck will start at just £349/$399 for the 64GB model, going up to £569/$649 for the 512GB model. Thankfully, regardless of which of the three models you choose, the internal specifications remain the same, which Valve claims can play modern AAA games on medium to high settings using the console’s 7″ screen.

Valve has even gone as far as showing the Steam Deck playing popular titles Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and DOOM Eternal, and with access to the Steam Store, you’re likely to find hundreds of other fantastic titles. However, you’re not locked in to only using Steam’s storefront.

While the system does come with the Linux-based SteamOS pre-installed, Valve has confirmed you’re free to install any compatible operating system you like. Yes, including Windows. What’s more, Valve will be releasing a Steam Deck dock that you can use to turn the system into a full-sized desktop PC by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Steam Deck, you can do so through the Steam website starting tomorrow, 16th July 2021. Orders are limited to 1 per account, and new accounts will have to wait until Sunday 18th July before they can pre-order.

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