PSO2 Closed Beta Urgent Quests Rewards

SEGA announced that players who take part in the Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta will be able to earn rewards for their characters once the game releases in Spring.

Everyone who logs in during the Closed Beta will earn a plethora of items, these items can be collected for simply logging in.
First Login – Photon Halo B (accessory) and Beauty Salon Free Pass (consumable).
Daily Reward – 3x Experience Boost +50% (consumable), 3x Rare Drop Boost +50% (consumable), 3x Meseta Boost +50% (consumable).

These items are great for new Arks looking to level up, improve their equipment and earn a little extra cash during the Closed Beta. However, there’s more rewards depending on the number of times you complete the global Urgent Quests.

Complete One Urgent Quest – Photon Halo C (accessory) and Triboost +100% (consumable).
Complete Two Urgent Quests – Photon Halo A (accessory) and Triboost +100% (consumable).
Complete Three Urgent Quests – MAG Dreamcast (evolution device) and Triboost +100% (consumable).
Complete Four Urgent Quests – Coated Edge (weapon camo) and 10x Triboost +100% (consumables).

All special rewards for completing the Urgent Quests will be received once the game officially launches. For those of you unaware the Triboost items will effectively double the amount of experience and mesta – the game’s currency – earned for defeating bosses and enemies, as well as doubling your chance of uncovering rare items.

If you wish to participate in the Emergency Quests you can view the time table here.

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