Rainbow Six Extraction Will Launch Day One for Game Pass Subscribers

Rainbow Six Extraction

Today Xbox and Ubisoft announced that the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on Game Pass for Xbox and PC.

Set for release on the 20th January 2022, Rainbow Six Extraction will see players take control of an elite operator as part of a three-man squad. You will be investigating a deadly alien threat known only as the Archaens that threatens the entire human race.

In a series of playful tweets, the Xbox and Ubisoft Twitter accounts alluded to the title’s launch on Game Pass. This was then confirmed later in the day when Ubisoft confirmed the title will launch on day one for Game Pass on both Xbox and PC.

This is yet another high-profile game coming to Xbox Game Pass. This once again shows the great value Game Pass is for Xbox and PC players. Especially when you consider Rainbow Six Extraction is due to launch for £39.99/$39.99 later this month.

As an added bonus. Those looking forward to brushing up on their operator skills ahead of Extraction’s launch can do with Rainbow Six Seige, which is already part of Game Pass.

As a final note, Ubisoft also announced that their Ubisoft+ service, which allows players access to the wealth of Ubisoft’s catalogue, will also be heading to Xbox later in the year. It is worth mentioning that this will not be included with Game Pass like EA Access, and will require a separate subscription.

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