Defenders of Oasis Comes to Nintendo 3DS

Defenders of Oasis - Our Party Attempt to sneak into the docks

Fans of Game Gear exclusive role-playing games rejoice. Defenders of Oasis is coming to Nintendo 3DS. Now you can once again take the Arabian Nights inspired adventure on the road.

While it has it’s fans. There are many of you who likely have never heard of the Defenders of Oasis. In this adventure, you take control of a heroic prince as he sets out to prevent the revival of the dark god Ahriman.

Defenders of Oasis - Our villain communicates with a magic mirror

Originally released in 1992. Defenders of Oasis was positively reviewed, thanks to an interesting storyline and impressive graphics. It also helped that it was one of the few Game Gear role-playing titles to come to the west.

With the upcoming release on a more modern console. Many more gamers will finally have a chance to experience this pocket-sized adventure. Best of all, it will be without the need to carry around dozens of AA batteries!

Defenders of Oasis - Battle screen

I will certainly be looking forward to revisiting the Kingdom of Shadam, and taking on the great looking and playing 8-bit adventure.

Defenders of Oasis is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and is due for release on 26th June 2013. Available on the Nintendo eShop for £3.59/US$3.99.

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